Bottom of the Well

I’ve found a way to get to the Lens of Truth very quickly. There are a bunch of treasures scattered in this level but they are almost all WORTHLESS! Most of them are a single Deku nut. I’m going to tell you how to get the Lens of Truth, a gold rupee (worth 200 rupees), and finally the 3 gold skulltula’s that are here (I’ve never mentioned most of the gold skulltulas before but explaining them here instead of making you explore this whole confusing level to get them is just easier.) Crawl through the hole and climb down the ladder. Kill the skulltula then walk straight forward right through the wall in front of you (yes, you heard right, this level has walls you can walk through, invisible floors, etc.). Now you’re in the main well room. Watch out for the giant green flaming skull flying around and just keep running straight forward through another wall. Now ignore everything in this room but watch out, there’s a small invisible pit right in the center of the room where all that blood is. Move around the pit and keep moving forward to the opposite wall and, again, walk through it. Now stand on the Triforce symbol in front of you and play Zelda’s Lullaby. The water will drain out.

Turn around and go back through the wall, avoid the pit, through the next wall, and you’re back where you started, except now there’s a big pit in front of you. Fall down it and crawl through the hole that’s down there. Kill the skulltula, climb up the vines and go through the door to the Bottom of the Well boss. This guy is scary but easy. It’s basically a swing-your-sword-wildly-at-anything- that-moves affair. You can kill the hands coming out of the ground. If they grab you just wildly mash your buttons until they let go and keep slashing at them. You don’t need to kill the hands, just the weird thing walking around trying to bite you. Once it’s dead, a treasure box will appear containing the Lens of Truth. Use the lens of truth in this room and you’ll find an invisible treasure box. Open it for 200 rupees. Now if you wish, you can just leave now by playing the Prelude of Light and go on to the next section. Otherwise, read on for how to get the 3 gold skulltulas in this level.

First, leave this room, climb through the hole and up the vines to get out of the pit. Now go down the left path a little bit and if you use your lens you’ll see a small alcove in the right hand wall. Go in and retrieve the key that’s there. Now leave the alcove and go left (back toward the starting point).Keep going and you’ll hit a left turn. Turn and use your lens and you’ll see another alcove containing another key. Now leave the alcove and continue down the corridor. A little ways more and you’ll see a cage with a Shield-eater in it. Directly across from it is a wall you can walk through. Go through it and walk straight across the room (avoid the pit in the middle! You can see it with your lens now). Go through the opposite wall and down the small corridor. You’ll see a grate ahead of you. Fall down the pit you come to, walk under the grate, and climb up the vines on the opposite side and go through the door.

In this next room is a mummy. Use your Song of the Sun to stun it and kill it with your sword. Now take out a Deku stick and light it with the torch but DO NOT LIGHT ANY TORCHES with it yet. All these torches open the coffin next to them and will release more enemies. You need to light a specific torch. It’s the torch in the corner furthest from the door and to the left when looking from the door. Light the torch and the coffin will open letting out two bats. Kill the bats and inside the coffin is the third and final small key. If the bats burned away your Deku shield don’t worry you can get another free one on the way to the third spider. Now head out of this room, fall down the pit and climb up the other side, and go straight through the wall in front of you. Look left and there’s a locked door. Go through and kill the plant, watch out for the pots, they attack you, and there’s spider number 1.

Leave and turn left, avoid the pit, and there’s another locked door on the other side of the room. In here is a bunch of bats and a big pit in the middle. Don’t worry, there’s an invisible floor. Just walk around the outside of the pit and you won’t fall in. The spider is in the opposite corner of the room from where you entered. Now leave the room, turn left immediately and walk through the wall. Turn left again and continue down this corridor. You’ll see some kind of face picture on the wall at the end of the corridor. Right underneath it is a pit so don’t fall down it. Now turn right at the end of the corridor and you’ll be at a dead end with a hole to crawl through. Crawl through and go through the locked door. Before moving into this room use your lens to see all the pits spread all over the place. Kill the bats and kill the laser shooting thing in the middle of the room by throwing a bomb at it. The chest in this room contains a replacement Deku shield if you lost yours. Go through the door and you’ll be in the cage with the Shield-eater. Avoid it when it tries to suck you into it and hit it with your boomerang or sword when it stops. Kill the third and final gold skulltula in this room. Now use your Ocarina and play the Prelude of Light to warp out of this hellhole and end up back in the Temple of Time. Go into the Master Sword room and replace the Master Sword to warp to the future and continue your main quest. Pat yourself on the back for getting 3 well-earned skulltulas and the Lens of Truth.

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