Deku Tree

Talk to the Deku Tree and he will open his mouth to let you in. Enter the tree. Find the ladder and climb up to the second floor. Follow the path around and you’ll see some vines, spiders, and a treasure box. Open the box to get the dungeon map. Ignore the spiders and vines for now and keep going along the path until you find a door. Go through it. Use the Z trigger to target the plant in the middle of the room and then hold down R. The plant will chuck a nut at you but it will bounce off of your shield and hit him. Go talk to him and he’ll give you a hint and a heart.

In the next room, keep holding forward to jump onto the platform and then onto the next ledge before the platform falls. If you miss you can climb up the vines. Open the treasure chest to get the Fairy Slingshot. Aim above the entrance doorway at the ladder and shoot if to make it fall. Now climb up the vines to your right to get to another treasure box with a heart in it. Go out and back to the first room and return to the vines and spiders from before. Push Up C to look toward a spider until Navi flies to it, then push your Z trigger to focus on it and then just push the Slingshot button (whichever one you assigned it to) twice to whip out the sling shot and shoot it. This is easier than aiming manually. Climb up the vines to get to the third floor. Walk around this path and you’ll see some big spiders. Don’t let them scare you. Just focus on them, whip out your sword with B, and wait. When they turn around, push A to jump-attack them for a one hit kill. (NOTE: If you don’t first pull out your sword with B when trying a Jump attack, you will just roll instead of attacking. Also you have to be Z targeting and not pushing any directions to perform the Jump attack.)

Run around the path until you find a doorway and go through it. In this room, whip out a Deku stick and walk up to the lit torch to light the stick. Bring the lit stick to the unlit torch to light it and open the doorway on the other side of the chamber. Now step on the switch and jump across to the alcove on the left of the room. Watch out for the giant spider though. Get the treasure box and kill the gold spider there. Go back and step on the switch again and jump across to the other side to get the Compass. Return to the first room and find the platform with the heart floating in front of it. Jump off to get the heart and try to land on the web in the middle of the floor. You’ll break through to floor B1.

In this room, step on the switch to light the torch, grab the treasure box behind the torch, and use the torch to light one of your Deku sticks. Run with the burning stick to the other side of the room (be careful not to fall in the water and put it out, you’ll have to walk across the shallow section) and light the web on the wall with your stick. Go through the door that’s revealed to another room with a bush monster. Deal with it the same way as the last one. Use your slingshot to hit the eye above the next door and go through. In this room jump into the water and follow the left wall until you get to the rotating spiked log. Look for a switch under water and hold down A to dive down and push it. Return to the entrance and jump on the moving platform to ride across. Push the block over and climb up to the door to the next room. In this room use a Deku stick to light all the torches and move to the next room. Watch out for spiders falling from the ceiling in this room and use your Deku stick to burn away the webs covering the exits. Crawl through a hole to move on. Now you’re back in the first room of B1. Push the block into the water and fall down to the torch you used earlier. Light your stick, climb up the block and then use the stick to burn the web in the floor (attack with the stick). Climb or fall down the hole to the next room. There are three bush guys here. You need to knock them out in order. First the middle one, then the right one, then the left one. Then go on to the boss’ room.

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