Dodonogo's Cavern

WARNING about this level: if you have your Deku shield equipped and you get burned by a fire bat or something, the shield will burn away! So use the Hylian shield unless you need your Deku shield to fight lizardmen or bush guys. You can buy another shield from a bush guy on the left side of the Big Room.

In the first room, use one of the bomb plants to blow open the doorway. Then head into what I will from now on refer to as the Big Room. Make your way to the right side and use the provided bomb plant to blow up the doorways and that laser-shooting thing. Take the doorway that leads to a passageway (the other just leads to a gossip rock) and kill the first couple of lizards. Watch out because when these lizards die they explode. On the right wall near the back of the passage is a doorway but you have no bomb plant to blow it up with…kill one of the lizards next to the doorway and let its explosion as it dies open the doorway for you. This room has some bats and a gold skulltula in it. Now move on to the end of the passageway and drag a statue onto the switch to open the door. Go through the next passage and then you’ll find yourself in the lava room, facing two deadly lizardmen. These guys are tough, Z target them and use your Deku shield to block and counter with slashes or jump slashes. You can also shoot them with the slingshot but that’s usually more trouble than it’s worth.

After you kill the two lizards go through the new door that just opened. Notice the bombable doorway down this next passage. Go on a bit further and you’ll see a bomb plant you can use to blow it up. There’s nothing really useful in that room though. Move on down the corridor and kill those lizard things by hitting their tails (watch out they blow up too). Use a Deku stick to light all the torches in the room and open the door. You’ll now be back in the Big Room. Step on the switch in front of you to unlock a door across the way. Now head to the other side of the room and find the door that was just unlocked but don’t go through it yet. First blow up the doorway next to it and get the dungeon map. Now go through the door.

In this room use a bomb plant to blow open the doorway and go in that room. Throw the bomb plant just inside that room at the three statues and one will come alive and chase you. Throw a Deku nut at it to stun it and then slash it with your sword. Then run away because it will try to chase you down and then blow up. Now retrieve the compass from the treasure box and leave the room. In this room, take the bomb plant that’s next to the door you just went through and place it right in between the two rows of bomb plants. If you place it right when it blows every bomb plant should go off. This will lower the stairway leading to the second floor. Go up the stairway and around to the doorway and through it. In this room three of the statues come alive and chase you, and the fourth has to be moved. You don’t have to fight the three statues if you’re careful not to touch them in any way. Just move the statue that’s in front of the ladder out of the way and go up the ladder to hit the switch to open the door.

Now you’ll once again be back in the big room but this time on a bridge at the top of it. Go across the bride to the other side, jumping over the hole in the middle. Now you’ll end up in the moving spikes room. Make your way to the opposite side where you’ll find a gray block in front of a ladder (you can roll attack through the spikes with forward + A). Use the block to get on top of the platform containing a treasure chest and a bomb plant. Use the bomb plant to blow open the door at the top of the ladder. You’ll need to time it right. Wait until the bomb blinks rapidly before throwing it across to the doorway. Once you’ve done that go through the doorway. Now use your slingshot to shoot the gold eye on the wall past the pillar of fire and the fire will disappear. Jump across and go through the corridor to reach the upper lava room with two more lizardmen. Kill the lizard men and go through the newly opened door. Shoot the gold eye on the wall opposite you to get rid of the first flame, then jump to where it was and turn left to see another gold eye. Shoot it to get rid of the second flame. Then jump across. In the next room, which is the moving spikes room again, jump straight across the gap and then get the treasure box to your right which contains bombs. If you wish you can jump down and bomb a doorway to your left to reach a room with two bush guys that sell you crap. I wouldn’t recommend it though ’cause it’s a hassle to get back up. Move on down the passageway and step on the switch. This switch enables a moving pillar which gives you an alternate way to get to the second floor. Now go right and find the bridge. On the other side is a bombable wall with some rupees in it if you want to get it. In any case, drop a bomb down each of the holes in the bride to blow up the two eyes of the old dead Dodonogo. Once both eyes have been blown up it’s mouth will open. Use the pillar to get down and enter it’s open mouth.

In this room go through the doorway on your right to enter the block puzzle room. When you come to two movable blocks, pull the ground-level block to underneath the other one. Then climb on top of it and push the other block off to the other side. Now push this block to underneath the third block. Push the third block out of the way and head down this corridor. At the end of the corridor is another moving block. Push it off the edge, then pull/push it into the hole in the middle of the room. This will open the boss room door. In the boss room, blow up the square in the center of the room, open the small chest to refill your bombs, and drop down.

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