Gannon's Castle

Walk down the hall, past the two eye laser things (just run past them) and through the door. Now turn right and follow the outside wall until you find the door with the purple Shadow Temple emblem above it (look on your Quest Status subscreen if you need to compare). Go through that door, look to your left for a platform with a small chest on it. Hookshot to it. Put on your Hover Boots. Now aim across the way at a small platform with a torch on it, and use a Fire Arrow to light the torch. Quickly run across the blocks that appear, past the shield-eater and on to the next platform after it. You won’t have time to make it to the next block so don’t try. Instead, use your Lens to see an invisible walkway. Take the right-hand walk way and jump down to the platform with the switch on it. Step on the switch to make a big treasure box appear. Use your hookshot on the treasure box to get up to it and you’ll get the Gold Gauntlets. Now take the left invisible path to a switch. Hit it with your hammer, then go back and take the right path again to the door. Go through it and shoot the floating ball thing with a Light arrow. You’ll be transported back to the main room. Go back to the main door you came in through and leave the castle. When you are outside go across the bridge and loop around to your left. You’ll run under a stone arch and go down a passageway to a huge stone pillar. Pick it up using your A button and go through the cave behind it. Use Zelda’s Lullaby to summon the faerie and get double defense. Now head back into the castle and into the main room.

Now that you have the Golden Gauntlets it doesn’t matter what order you get rid of the barriers. So just head right and go through the first door, the one with the green emblem (Forest Barrier). Kill the wolf, then use Din’s Fire to light all the torches. Look above the doorway and there’s another torch, so light it with a Fire Arrow and go through the door. Make sure you have your Hover Boots equipped in this next room. First, wait until the fan to your left is going and then walk toward it to get the silver rupee, then turn right and the fan will help blow you across to the next platform. Hover over to the next small platform with the switch on it and step on it. Turn around and use your hookshot to get up onto the platform and get the silver rupee you couldn’t reach before. Turn toward the middle of the room and Z-target and toss a bomb at the eye laser thing. Hover over to it’s platform then across to another silver rupee. Hover back to the eye laser thing’s platform and forward to the one under the door. Now wait until the fan to the right of the door stops blowing then hover across to the last silver rupee. Go through the door and shoot the floating ball with a Light arrow to be warped back to the main room. Head right again and go through the next door, the Water Barrier.

Empty one of your bottles (NOT a blue potion) and use it to get some magic blue flame from the center of the room. Walk around the room to find the two ice statues and kill them to unblock the door. Melt the ice blocking the door with the blue flame, then refill the bottle with more blue flame. Go through the door. In this room, push the ice block furthest from you right, then back (toward the door you came in through) so that it falls down the hole. Then push the other block right, forward, and finally left so that it ends up in the nook in the wall. Climb up it and use the blue fire to melt the ice. Smash the switch with the hammer then go through the next door. Kill the floating ball thing with a Light arrow and you’re back in the main room again. Continue to the right, past the Shadow Barrier door since you already beat it, and on to the Fire Barrier door. Equip your Hover Boots and Goron’s Tunic. Collect all the silver coins in the room. Watch out because most of the platforms sink in the lava while you’re standing on them so keep moving. There’s one on the platform with the rotating fire-breathing statue and one just to the right on a block. Further down on the left there’s a big pillar. Lift it with your Golden Gauntlets to reveal another one. Then the last two are on the far right side of the room. After you’ve grabbed the last one get close enough to the door so that you can hookshot to the hookshot target next to it. Go through and kill the floating ball thing with a Light arrow and warp back to the main room.

Once again heading right, move the pillar out of the way of the door tothe Light Barrier. In the first room, use the Lens or just Z-targetingto kill the 4 bats and big skulltula in the room. Get the key in thechest that appears and go through the locked door. Use Zelda’s Lullabyin the next room for another key and go through the locked door. Nowyou’re in another collect silver rupees room. There’s 2 in nooks on the outer wall, two in the structure in the middle, and one on the ceilingyou can get with the hookshot. Go through the door and…the ball thing is missing! But not really. Go straight through the wall in front of you and you’ll be in the real room with the ball thing. Destroy it and warp back.

On to the final door, the Spirit Barrier. In the first room, once again collect silver rupees. Blow up the eye laser thing with two bombs or bombchu’s. Just roll attack (forward+A) through the spikes to get most of them. Don’t forget the one floating in the middle of the room – hookshot to the ceiling to get it. Go through the door and kill the torch slugs. Use a spin slash to trigger the first shock switch, which makes a chest drop containing Bombchu’s. Use a bombchu on the fence to have it climb up the fence, go through the hole up there, then climb down the other side to finally blow up the second shock switch (good use for a bomchu eh?). Go through the door now and through an entryway to a room with some sun symbols on the wall. Shoot the hole in the ceiling with a Fire Arrow to let in the sunlight. Use your Mirror Shield to reflect it onto the symbol just to the right of the entryway (NOT the doorway!) to unblock the door. Go on to the final floating ball thing. Kill it with a Light Arrow.

Now leave Gannon’s Castle to stock up. Use the Great Faerie’s fountain to heal your life and magic. Make sure you have at least 1 blue or green potion because you may need it to refill magic during the final battle. Fill the rest with faeries. Also be sure you have a full quiver of at least 40 arrows. Now go back into Gannon’s Castle and go into the tower in the middle of the room. Go up the stairs and through the door. Now you’ll just have to keep killing all the enemies in the room to unblock the next door, then go through and up more stairs. About halfway up you’ll find the Boss Key in a chest surrounded by fire that you need to kill all the enemies in the room to get to. Eventually you’ll also have to fight two Iron Knuckles at the same time. Don’t worry though they’re slow enough you can just work on one at a time. Remember to wait until they get close enough to swing, then backflip with back+A, then push A again when you land for a jump slash. Once you’ve climbed enough stairs you’ll end up in a huge room with a giant pillar in the middle of it and pots everywhere. Don’t break any pots, you’ll need them later. Find the other door and go through it and up a huge flight of stairs. You’ll pop in on a small story sequence when you go through the door the top. Afterwords you’ll face the big guy himself, the Evil King...

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