Ice Cavern

After the story sequence you’ll be just outside the Fire Temple. Walk back over the bridge (use your hookshot to cross where’s it’s broken) but instead of going out the cave, walk over the next bridge to a cave blocked off by red boulders. Use your hammer to smash the boulders and go inside to the 4th Great Faerie who will double your magic meter. Now you can either walk down Death Mountain or you can use the Prelude of Light to warp to the Temple of Time, walk outside, and summon Epona with Epona’s Song. Either way, head on over to Zora’s River. Make your way up the river just like the last time and just like the last time, play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce symbol in front of the water fall. Unlike last time, however, you’ll find that the water world is now an ice world.

Go up to the King’s room and go around behind him to enter Zora’s Fountain. Now hop on the ice blocks and make your way to a cave there known as the Ice Cavern. The Ice Cavern is a fairly straight forward level. Just make sure you have a couple of bottles to use to store the magic blue fire in. You’ll need at least two to carry back out with you – one for the King and one for the Zora store. Now, from the entrance of the Ice Cavern, follow the path until you reach a room with a revolving spike thing and some ice statue guys. Kill the ice statue guys to open the door to the next corridor. At the end of this corridor you’ll be in a room with a big helicopter-blade thing made of ice. You’ll have to run around and collect all the silver rupees to open the blocked door. One of them is right next to the exit door floating in the air. Go through the door and tunnel and fight your way through the next room until you get to a room with some ice bridges everywhere. Go up on the ice bridges and get to that blue fire. Now use all your empty bottles on that blue fire to collect it for future use. Use one of them to melt the red ice around the treasure box at the end of the bridge to get the dungeon map. Make sure to refill it (you need two bottles at least BTW), and go back to the helicopter blade room.

There are two additional exits from this room that are covered with red ice. Use your bottles of blue fire to melt them. Go through the one to the East (the one with two pots next to it). It leads to a small round room containing another blue fire thing. Refill your bottles and use them to melt a heart container piece and a treasure box containing the compass. Refill them again and go back to the helicopter blade room and then through the West exit. The basic idea behind this next room is to push that block of ice around and use it to get where you want. The following directions pertain to the direction you were facing when you first walked in. First, push it left and get the silver rupee there. Then forward and get that one. Then (careful not to fall of the edge!) push it right, then back toward the entrance to get another silver rupee there. Then push it off of one of the edges and a new one will appear. Push this one forward then right and climb up to melt the last silver rupee with your blue fire. Push this one off the edge to get another new block.

Push this one left, forward, right, back, and then left to get to the exit and go through it. You’ll have to use some blue fire to melt some red ice in your way in this corridor. Open the ice door and you’ll face an ice wolf. Kill it and receive the Iron Boots. Sheik will come and teach you the Serenade of Water. Use your new Iron Boots to sink into the water behind the treasure chest and walk to the end of the passage. Take the boots off once you emerge from the water. You’re now back in the first room. Before leaving the ice cavern, go back to the small round room where you got the heart container piece and the compass (East of the helicopter blade room) and fill two bottles with fire. Then go back out the way you came in. Leave Zora’s fountain and use a blue fire on the frozen King Zora. Talk to him and he’ll give you the Zora Tunic, which keeps you from drowning. Go down and use your other blue fire on the doorway to the Zora Store. Now play your Serenade of Water and you’ll warp to Lake Hylia. Run forward and jump into the water in front of you. Make sure you’re wearing Zora’s Tunic and then turn around and equip the Iron Boots. Use your hookshot to hit the blue diamond above the doorway and it will open. Go inside and you’re now in the Water Temple so take off those Iron Boots.

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