Level 1 - Tail Cave

Things to Find

  • 1 Secret Seashell
  • Roc’s Feather
  • 20 rupees


Link's Awakening Level 1: Tail Cave Map


When you first enter Tail Cave, head to the left. In room 6D knock the two enemies off into the pit with your sword. Then claimest that appears. If you don’t do it in exactly this order, the chest will not appear. If you want, at this point, you can get the map. Use the stairs in the corner of 2E in order to get back to room 3B, then head over to 3A, and finally warp back to the entrance.

At the entrance, you can open the chest that was behind the pots. Now head up to 6B and then overst contains another small key. Now head right to room 5F. Here, kill all of the enemies and then grab the map out of the chest that appears. Now head two rooms back to the left, to room 5D.

From there, head up to room 4D. Destroy the worm-like creature and then open the chest that appears to obtain 20 rupees. Be sure to come back later and plant a bomb in front of the crack on the left wall. This will open up room 4C, where you can obtain a Secret Seashell. Now continue up to room 3D. Here, insert a small key in the locked door at the top of the room and then continue up. In room 2D head to the right, around the blocks in 2E, and then back to 2D. Once back in 2D, push the block that is in front of the door, and the door will open. In the next room, 2C, run into the creatures with your shield and then while they are frozen you can destroy them with your sword. After they are gone, head down the stairs that appear.

These stairs will put you in the side-scrolling sequence, 8C8B. Use the ladders to get around in the rooms. Jump on the creatures there if you need more heart energy. When you head up the final ladder, you will reappear in room 5B. Head down the hallwaythrough room 4B, all the way to room 3B. In the chest here, grab the Roc’s Feather. Going back down 4B, you can jump and grab the heart energy if you need it. Now return to room 4D and head right to room 4E. In this room, open the chest that is guarded by the fuzzy creature in order to obtain another small key. Now head to the top exit on the right side of the room. In room 4F, head right and then up. Once in room 3F, use the Roc’s Feather to jump the pit, and then use a small key to unlock the block with a keyhole in it. Now head up the stairs and to the left. In room 3E, open the chest and grab the Nightmare Key.

Now head back to room 4E. Once in room 4E, take the lower exit on the right side. In room 4F, open the locked door on the right side with a small key. In room 4G, head up. Once in 3G, you must hit all three enemies and get them to freeze when they all have the same symbol showing. If you can do this when all three display a heart, they will all turn into small hearts. Once they are gone, you can obtain the Fragment of a Stone Slab out of the chest. Put this fragment in a slab to read it. What this message refers to are the enemies in room 2C. Now head back to room 4G. Once there, leap the gap on the right side and then go through the door. In the next room, 4H, you will face Rolling Bones (see strategy below).

Once you have defeated him, a teleporter will appear that links this room with the entrance. Now head up to room 3H. At the top of this room open the door with the Nightmare Key and then enter room 2H. Here you will fight Moldorm (see strategy below).

If you fall off the platform while fighting him, you will appear in the side-scrolling room 10B10C. If you fall down here, climb up the ladder in 10C and you will reappear in room 3H. Once you have beaten Moldorm, grab the big heart, and head up to room 1H to claim the Full Moon Chello. Level 1 is now complete!


Rolling Bones

(items needed: Roc’s Feather, Sword)
To beat this weird creature, use the Roc’s Feather to jump over the log that he rolls at you, and then use your sword to hit him as many times as you can as he jumps back towards his log. Keep repeating this process, and after eight hits he will be gone.


(item needed: Sword)
This nightmare is a giant worm. To beat him, simply hit his tail with your sword five times. As you hit him however, his speed will increase. If you let his speed drop back to normal, you will have to start all over on hitting him. Try not to get knocked off the platform into the room below.

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