Link's Awakening FAQ

Listed below are some of the questions that have been asked most frequently. Simply click on the question that you want answered or you can browse through them at your leisure. They have been divided up into the two sections of Overworld and Dungeons to make finding a particular answer easier. If there are any questions that you would like to see listed here, let me know. Enjoy!

Overworld Questions

  1. How do I get the Yoshi Doll?
    The Yoshi Doll is located in the Trendy Game in Mabe Village. Pay the man to play and then move the crane over the doll using button B, and then lower the crane some with button A. Keep trying until you pick it up.
  2. Where are all the keys to the dungeons?
    The locations of all the keys are as follows:
    • Tail Key
      The key to Level 1–Tail Cave is located in the Mysterious Wood. You must sprinkle Magical Powder on the racoon and then head north. The key is located in the chest there.
    • Slime Key
      The key to Level 3–Key Cavern is located in Ukuku Prairie. You must go to Richard’s Villa and he will tell you to go to his castle and collect all five golden leaves. Once you have them go back to his villa and he will show you where a cave is. Through the cave you will appear in Pothole Field. Work your way around this field and then dig in front of the owl statue and you will find the key.
    • Angler Key
      The key to Level 4–Angler’s Tunnel is located in the Yarna Desert. At the north end of the desert is a cave. Enter it and you will face the Sand Worm. Defeat him to get the key. If the key falls down to the room below, you will have to drop down after it.
    • Face Key
      The key to Level 6–Face Shrine is located in the Southern Shrine. The Southern Shrine is located south of the Face Shrine. Travel through the shrine and you will soon come to a building. Enter it and the second room in you will have to face an enemy. Defeat him by shooting arrows at him and once he is gone he will drop the Face Key.
    • Bird Key
      The key to Level 7–Eagle’s Tower is located in the Tal Tal Mountain Range. To get it you must have the Flying Rooster. Head up into the Tal Tal Mountain Range and then proceed up the long stair that begins in the deep water. Keep heading north until you reach the Hen House. Enter the cave entrance that is just south on the same screen as the Hen House. Once inside, you will need to push some of the stones aside to proceed up. Also, you will need to use the Flying Rooster to cross the chasm. Then proceed to the left, and claim the Bird Key.
  3. Where are all five golden leaves?
    All of the leaves are located in and around Kanhalet Castle. The first one is located on the east side of the castle. Destroy the guy in the six pits that throws bombs at you. Once he is gone he will give up one of the leaves. The next is on the west side of the castle. Throw a pot at the crow sitting on the tree. When he flies at you, hit him with your sword. Two hits and he will die and give you the second leaf. Now enter the castle. In the second room, destroy all the enemies (except the ball that bounces around) and you will get the third leaf. Now head upstairs. In the sunken room, plant a bomb in front of the left statue and he will come out of the wall and fight you. Destroy him and he will relinquish the fourth leaf. Now continue right and down until you come out on the balcony in front of the castle. Enter the door on the right. In this room throw a pot at the door to open it. Inside you will find one of the chain-and-ball troopers from A Link to the Past. Defeat him and you will get the fifth leaf.
  4. Where do I find the Ocarina?
    The Ocarina is located in the Dream Shrine in Mabe Village. You will need the Power Bracelet and the Pegasus Boots to get it.
  5. Where are all three songs for the Ocarina?
    The locations of the songs are as follows:
    • The Ballad of the Wind Fish
      You will need to see Marin to learn this song. Talk to her and she will teach it to you. If you have just beat Level 7–Eagle’s Tower and you can’t find her, she is located on the way to Level 8. You will find her out on a bridge. Fire your Hook Shot and that will rescue her. Once she leaves you can find her back in Mabe Village in order to learn the song.
    • Manbo’s Song
      To reach Manbo you will need to swim up to the cave that is west of the entrance to Level 4. Enter it and Manbo will teach it to you.
    • The Song of Awakening
      To obtain this song you will need to head south from the entrance of Ukuku Prairie. Jump the rows of pits to enter the Signpost Maze. Here follow the signs exactly and a set of stairs will appear. Head down and Mamu will teach you the Song of Awakening for only 300 rupees (ouch!).
  6. How do I get to Animal Village?
    In order to get to the Animal Village you first need to go to the Seashell Mansion. From here head south one screen, west, south, and then east. Here chop the bush at the end of the row of trees. Head down this cave and then across. You will then reappear on the other side of the river. Head south and then east and you will be in the Animal Village.
  7. Where is the entrance to Level 4–Angler’s Tunnel?
    After you get the Angler Key, head up to just south of the river that is below the Tal Tal Mountain Range. Here you will find keyhole. After you insert the key into the keyhole, the waterfall will dry up and reveal the dungeon entrance. Next, head north into the Tal Tal Mountain Range. When you come across the spot where the ground is dry from where the waterfall used to flow, jump down. Now you will be in front of the dungeon entrance.
  8. Where is the boomerang located?
    The boomerang is located at the Torombo Shores. Go south from where the monkey throws coconuts at you. There, find the section of the wall that can be blown open with a bomb. Clear it out and then enter. The guy in here appears after you are done with the trading part of the game. Talk to him and he says that he will trade you an item that he found washed up on the beach in return for what you have in your B button. I would recommend trading him the shovel. Agree to swap items and he will give you the boomerang. If you talk to him again, he will trade back the item that you gave him, if you ever need the item for something.
  9. Where are all the Secret Seashells located?
    The locations for all of the Secret Seashells are listed on a separate page. Go to the Secret Seashells page and the locations for all of them are listed out.

Dungeon Questions

  1. How do I open the door in room 2D of Tail Cave?
    When you are in front of the door, push the block in front of it any direction and the door will open.
  2. How do I open the door in the second room (6B) of Level 2–Bottle Grotto?
    To open the door, go up on the platform and sprinkle Magical Powder on both of the torches. This will light both of them and then the door will open.
  3. How do I obtain the Nightmare key in Level 2–Bottle Grotto?
    To get the Nightmare Key, go to room 2E. Here, destroy the creature imprisoned in the blocks (the Pols Voice), the bat, and finally the Stalfos Knight. Then get the Nightmare Key from the chest that appears.
  4. How do I reach the fourth pillar in Level 7–Eagle’s Tower?
    To get to the pillar, you must first go to room 9B. There throw the orb up up and over the lower part of the wall. Then go left one room north two and then east one room. In room 7B, on the lower wall, plant a bomb on the wall between the two torches. Then go through the hole and down. You will be between two rows of blocks. Now plant a bomb at the lower wall and you can continue down. There you can use the Feather and Boots to jump the pits and get the chest that appears when you beat the three enemies.Now you can pick up the orb and head on up where you will find the fourth pillar.
  5. Where is the Magic Rod located?
    The Magic Rod is located in Level 8–Turtle Rock. You must defeat Blano in room 3H of the dungeon. Then go up and retrieve the Magic Rod from the chest.

That is the end of the FAQ, hope this section helped you.

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