Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

After you finish all the trading of items, go to Torombo Shores. Head south from where the monkey throws coconuts at you. On the north side of the screen you will see a pile of rocks that can be blown away with a bomb. Enter, and the creature inside will offer to trade you an item for what you have in your B button. I recommend giving him the shovel. He will give you the boomerang in return for your item. If you talk to him again, he will give you your item back.

Be sure to ram into all of the freestanding trees that you come across because sometimes you can knock down items like bombs, small fairies, and Secret Seashells.

Whenever you are preparing to battle a Mini-Nightmare or a Nightmare, it is helpful to purchase the Secret Medicine from Crazy Tracy. This will effectively double your heart energy. This is especially useful if you are struggling to beat a Nightmare.

When you are heading to battle a Mini-Nightmare or a Nightmare it is extremely helpful to collect a Piece of Power before fighting the enemy. Even thought this greatly reduces the number of times that you need to hit him, it is only useful on bosses that you fight with your sword.

If you just cannot seem to be able to beat the bird Nightmare in Eagle’s Tower, then after you get the L2 shield head to Turtle Rock. Once you have received the Magic Rod in this dungeon, go back to Eagle’s Tower. Now, three hits from the Magic Rod will destroy this Nightmare, making your battle much easier.

Purchase an item from the store in Mabe Village. As your money is being taken press A+B+Start+Select to reset the game, and then select “Save and Quit.” Restart your file and when you begin you will be in the store and you will have as many rupees as you had when you saved the game! This is especially helpful for buying the shovel and bow.

If you equip both bombs and arrows and then simultaneously press the A and B buttons, you can fire explosive arrows which will blow up when they hit something.

When you have the Flying Rooster following you, equip the boomerang and the Power Bracelet. Throw the boomerang and before it returns to you, pick up the Flying Rooster. You can then fly around with the boomerang rotating under you, destroying any enemies you fly over.

If you are able to beat the entire game without dying (the Life Counter on the Player Select screen reads 000) then, during the ending of the game, when it says “The End” on the screen, you will see Marin fly past. You can try to do this if you want to add a little more challenge to the game, once you have mastered it. When you are attempting to do this, it is helpful to always be carrying the Secret Medicine from Crazy Tracy with you.

While in the Town Tool Shop in Mabe Village you can pick up an item, walk quickly behind the proprietor, and exit the store. If you do it fast enough you can get the item for free. Your file name will remain unchanged, but afterwards everyone in the game who mentions your name will refer to you as THIEF. Also, if you ever return to the store the proprietor will kill you. Even though after dying you restart at the store, if you are killed you are unable to finish the game without dying.

After you gather twenty Secret Seashells, all of the treasure chests that used to contain Secret Seashells will turn into twenty rupees. This is helpful for gathering rupees.

While you still have BowWow following you, if you take him into Ukuku Prairie after you receive the Power Bracelet, when you walk onto a screen with a buried Secret Seashell, he will tell you to dig. This is helpful if you do not know where the Secret Seashells are located.

Whenever you are in a side-scrolling sequence, look for mushroom shaped creatures. If you jump on top of them with the Roc’s Feather they will turn into a heart. This is a great way to build up your heart energy.

If you get the boomerang early in the game it can be very useful. For example, if you hit the round, fuzzy creatures in the dungeons with it, they will always turn into a small fairy. This will really help to build up your heart energy.

It appears that the Pols Voice hates music. If you play the Ballad of the Wind Fish near him he will self-destruct. When you have Marin following you, enter the Trendy Game. Marin will go over and use the controls and pick up the Trendy Man and the crane will carry him over and dump him down the chute. After this he will kick you out of the game.

Equip both the Pegasus Boots and the shovel. Then begin running with the boots and before you start moving, use the shovel. Now Link will run in place until you press a button!

Go up to the little guys that shock you when you hit them with your sword, and sprinkle some Magical Powder on them. They will then turn into little guys with glasses. Go up to them and talk to them and they will say: “Hey Mon!” “You know me, I like short names the best…” “It can display millions of polygons!” “I definitely need it, as soon as possible!”

In Mabe Village, if you sprinkle Magical Powder on a chicken or a dog, it will burst into flames and explode. You can also do the same thing if you hit them with the Magic Rod.

If you hit a chicken in Mabe Village thirty-five times in a row, an entire flock of chickens will attack you until you move to the next screen.

In the Player Select screen, start a new game and name yourself ZELDA to hear some really neat music. The name must be all in caps to work.

Codes and Game Bugs

The following items are a mix of codes and glitches located in the game. You may find that not ll these codes work for your game. I believe that the warp code and the other glitches were programming mistakes that were fixed in later versions of the game. My original game pak would not do these codes, but recently I bought an older, used pak that I can pull off all of them. You will have to try them to see if they work for you. However I have not had time to test all of these codes, so I am assuming that they work. I certainly appreciate all of you that have sent me some of these codes, thank you. If there are any codes you know that are not listed here, please let me know. Good luck!

Warp Code

Anywhere in the game go to the side of the screen and walk to the next screen. Just as the screen begins to shift to pull up the next screen, press SELECT. This will pull up the map. If you got the timing correct, when you press SELECT again to remove the map, you will have warped to the opposite side of the next screen. This can help you to get items earlier than normal and will allow you to pull off many of the codes below. This code will be referred to as the warp code.

Glitch Screen

Go to the Fishing Pond in Mabe Village. On the screen with the fisherman, head south and use the warp code. When you pull up the game screen, if you did the code with the right timing, the fisherman will be sitting on top of the tree at the bottom of the screen. Go up to him and tell him you want to fish. Instead of taking you to the fishing pond, it will pull up a glitch screen where you can travel to many different places on the island, including dungeons and various houses. You will need the flippers as much of the area you will need to swim in. Whenever you reach either a stair up or down or an entrance, it will dump you out of the glitch screen and you will appear wherever you happened to be when you hit the stair.

Tail Cave Glitch Screen

In Level 1–Tail Cave go to the Nightmare’s Lair (kill the Nightmare before you try this). Equip the Roc’s Feather and then walk off the platform while rapidly hitting the button for the Roc’s Feather. If you pull it off correctly you will fall into the side-scrolling room below and then bounce back up only to reappear back in the side-scrolling room. However the room is now treated as a top view stage. This will allow you to walk all over the dungeon, simply swimming over the walls. You can also move between dungeons 1 through 4. Any room that is not on the map is just a blank room.

Dungeon Glitch Screen

Go into almost any dungeon and go straight up to the second room. Then screen warp back south and exit the dungeon. In some of the dungeons it will warp you to another location, some it will put you in a blank room, and some it doesn’t work. This also works in the southern shrine. Below is listed which dungeons do what. The dungeons that say “doesn’t work” are the dungeons that do not have the second room directly above the first. Therefore the code doesn’t work.

  • Tail Cave
    Puts you in a blank room.
  • Bottle Grotto
    Warps you to a room in Level 3.
  • Key Cavern
    Puts you in a blank room.
  • Angler’s Tunnel
    Warps you to the room where the instrument is in Level 5.
  • Catfish’s Maw
    Doesn’t work.
  • Face Shrine
    Doesn’t work.
  • Eagle’s Tower
    Doesn’t work.
  • Turtle Rock
    Takes you to a repeating room similar to a room in Level 7. Follow it long enough and you will come to a room with the end boss in it. Every time I go to the room with the end boss, however, the screen would haze like it was going to warp me and then the screen would go blank. I did hear you can beat the end boss with this code without beating Level 8, but I haven’t been able to yet.
  • Egg
    Takes you to another repeating room that will eventually dump you out in one of two places in the Tal Tal Mountain Range.
  • Southern Shrine
    You appear in the Hen House with the graphics scrambled. Once you go outside the graphics will return to normal.

Ghost of Marin

When you are heading to the desert with Marin. Use the screen warp code on the screen just before the walrus. This will put you in the desert still with Marin. Pick up the key and then head on to Level 4. Marin will wait for you outside of the dungeon. Then when you come back out she will be a ghost! Then you will also get the normal ghost following you. To end it, take the ghost back to his grave and take Marin back to her house. If you still are carrying BowWow with you then he will become a ghost as well!

Door to Nowhere

When you have the Power Bracelet, go back to the toadstool in the Mysterious Woods. Cut the bushes down and pick up the toadstool. Take one step east and then face south. Then try to pick up the wall. If you do it correctly you will pick up a stone and you will see part of a door.

Unwinnable Game

Once you have used up 3 keys in Level 4, go to room 5C. Jump north over the water towards the switch. The jump looks impossible but you can do it. Once you make the jump go north and unlock the block. This puts you in an interesting predicament. You cannot get the fifth key without the flippers and you can’t get the flippers without the fifth key. Warning: if you save at this point you will make the game completely unwinnable! If you get stuck doing this don’t blame me!

Raft Ride Code

When you have the rooster go to the Raft Shop. Pay to ride and then head down to the second waterfall. Drop down the right side and then use the warp code as soon as you disappear off the screen. You will reappear on an island. Use the bracelet to grab the rooster and you can now fly around and collect all the items.

Cave Glitch Code

This code works in many of the caves around Koholint Island, including the caves in Tal Tal Heights as well as the one to the east of the House By the Bay. To do the code, use the warp code to warp onto a screen that contains a ledge to one side. You will appear on top of the ledge where you ordinarily could not go. Now you can walk around and it will take you to other caves as well as other places. One of the best places to use this code in in the cave that is east of the House By the Bay, the cave entrance that is surrounded by bushes. Go three rooms into the cave, to the room where there are the steps out, and then warp to the right. Once on top of the ledge, walk up. You will be in the room in Level 6–Face Shrine where the tiles come out of the floor to attack you. As you cruise around the dungeon you will notice that the floor is still the floor of a cave, as well as the cave music is still playing. If you ever go out of the entrance or go down a set of stairs, the dungeon will go back to normal.

Fighting Grandma

Warp to the screen with the fisherman from the left side. You will appear in the trees just above the fishing pond. Walk north and you will appear in the Mysterious Woods where there is the one chest with the Secret Seashell. Everything is the same, except the Moblin that is usually there is turned into Grandma Ulrira and she will race around the screen shooting arrows. This code doesn’t actually do anything, but it is quite funny.

Extra Secret Seashell

Go to the field in Mabe Village where you ordanairly obtain a Secret Seashell, but don’t get it. Go over to the right side of the screen and warp upwards. A seashell will appear. Grab it and then go back down and chop down the bush to get the usual one.

Double Items

In the Mysterious Woods, go to where you can obtain the mushroom. Once there, enter the cave on the right side of the screen. Warp into the second room of the cave and head east. You will then appear in the cave where you would ordinairly obtain the Magnifying Lens, except if you have not finished trading the item you are currently carrying will be on the pedestal instead of the Magnifying Lens.

Grandma Strikes Again

Go to the telephone booth in Mabe Village. Then screen warp to the east towards the Trendy Game. You will appear in the water on the east side of the Trendy Game. Swim to the right and you will be up on a ledge just over the entrance to the Signpost Maze. There, Grandma Ulrira will attack you with a sword. You can fight back and kill her, but you will need to save and quit in order to get unstuck off of the ledge.

More Grandmas

First, go to the screen with Marin and Tarin’s house. Then screen warp south. You should appear on top of the trees right below the Telephone Booth. Now press down to head south again. On the next screen, all the enemies will look like Grandma Ulrira!

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