Ocarina of Time


Kokiri Forest Hyrule Castle Lost Woods
Kakariko Village Goron City Zora’s River
Zora’s Domain Zora’s Fountain Quest for Truth
Gerudo Fortress Desert Colossus Final Preparations

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Kokiri Forest

Talk to Saria and then go to the training center. The training center is to the left of your house, the south end of the map. Go to the back of the training center and find the hole in the wall. Crawl through, dodge around the boulder, and find the chest to get your sword. Return through the hole. Walk around the village, talk to the Kokiri’s, and slash bushes, throw rocks and pots, etc. to earn money. Be sure to talk to the guy trying to lift a rock or you won’t be allowed to pick anything up!

Find Mido’s house and go inside to steal his money from the treasure chests inside there. Once you have 40 rupees, go to the shop with the red roof and buy a Deku shield. Equip the shield and sword in your subscreen and then exit the town on the East side of the map. You’ll have to talk to Mido to get through.

You will now enter the Deku Tree.

Hyrule Castle

Talk to the guard, and move back and forth between the Market and the castle grounds until you see a girl standing by some vines on the side of the path. Talk to her until she give you an egg. Now climb up the vines and jump over the gate the guard was guarding. Move along the path until you see two guards up ahead of you…don’t go near them! Instead, go left up onto the hill. Watch out for the guard on the hill, run behind him and head to the far left toward a cliff. You should see some climbable rocks on the cliff, climb them and then jump off the other side toward the castle. Jump into the moat and swim down it until you reach the corner where you can safely climb out. Follow the path around and you’ll see the sleeping Talon. Wait until your egg hatches in the morning and use it on Talon to wake him up and get him out of your way. Once he’s gone push and pull the block to dump them in the moat. Use them to jump across to where the water comes in and climb through the hole there. Now avoid all the guards by not letting them see you and make your way to Princess Zelda. Talk to the princess.

Lost Woods

Once in Kokiri Forest, climb up the vines behind Mido’s house and go through the hollow log to get to the Lost Woods. In the lost woods, follow the sound of the music (wherever it is loudest) to get to the sacred forest meadow. For lazy people, the directions are R, L, R, L, F, L, R. Then kill the wolf, enter the gate, navigate the maze, and go up the steps to get to the Meadow. Talk to Saria to learn Saria’s Song. Now head back out of the woods and leave Kokiri Forest. Head to Kakariko Village now.

Kakariko Village

Explore the town and get the various items available to you at this time. The most important things to get are the Hylian Shield from the graveyard, the second bottle from the lady if you get her chicken, and the Song of the Sun in the royal family tomb. Once you’ve got what you need, talk to the guard at the North part of town and show him Zelda’s letter. Don’t listen to him about buying a shield…you can find one for free in the graveyard. He’ll talk about wanting a mask which you can now go and get from the Happy Mask Shop in the market. If you wish you can now do most of Young Link’s Trading Sequence. Go past the guard and head up Death Mountain until you find Goron City.

Goron City

Go to the bottom level and stand on the doormat in front of the closed door and play Zelda’s Lullaby. Then go inside and talk to the Goron King. Then play Saria’s Song for him. He’ll give you the Goron’s bracelet. Now leave Goron’s City and head up Death Mountain trail and take the first right you see. Pick up the bomb plant there and chuck it down to the big boulder below. If you aim right you’ll blow it up. Then go around and enter the revealed cave, which is Dodonogo’s Cavern.

Zora’s River

Use your bombs to blow up the boulders in your way. You can make use of the chicken at the beginning of the river to get to a few heart container pieces. Also this is where you meet the guy that sells the magic beans. About halfway up the river is some frogs. Play your songs for them and they’ll give you money. If your money’s full go buy some magic beans before playing another song for them. Make your way upriver until your get to the waterfall at the mouth of the river. Then stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda’s Lullaby to make the waterfall reveal a cave. Jump over and enter the cave to enter Zora’s Domain.

Zora’s Domain

The first thing to do here is get an empty bottle and find the little fish floating around in the shallows near a circle of stones. Use the bottle to catch one of the fish. You’ll need it later. Now head up to the top of the mountain in the middle of the domain and you’ll see King Zora. Before doing anything else, take this opportunity to use one of his torches to light a Deku stick and quickly run and light all the other torches in the domain, including two hidden behind a waterfall. This opens a few things up for you, like a heart container piece. Go back to the King’s room and talk to him, then head left from his room and find the diving game. Win at the diving game and you’ll get the Silver Scale, which allows you to dive deeper. Now look for an underwater doorway at the front of the mountain. Dive down and go through it and you’ll pop up at lake Hylia. Swim forward a bit and you should notice a bottle at the bottom of the lake. Dive down and fetch it. Then swim back through the tunnel to Zora’s Domain. Bring the bottle to King Zora and show it to him (press C when Z Targeting him) and he’ll take the note out and move out of your way. Now take the right path to get behind him and enter Zora’s Fountain.

Zora’s Fountain

Ignore the big fish (Jabu-Jabu) for now and instead swim behind him to the southern part of Zora’s Fountain to a small island with a tree, some bushes, and two boulders. Put a bomb next to the gray boulder to blow a hole in the wall and get the Farore’s Wind spell from a great faerie. Now swim onto the platform by Jabu-Jabu’s mouth and walk up to him. Use the bottle with the fish in it to offer the fish to Jabu-Jabu, thereby making him open his mouth and swallow you.

After Jabu-Jabu, head for Hyrule Castle.

Quest for Truth

After a revealing story sequence you’ll be in the Deku Tree’s meadow. Leave Kokiri forest and if you have your horse, you can summon her with Epona’s Song. Now this next section tells how to get the Lens of Truth and the Mask of Truth. You don’t need to do this at this time, but you can. If you don’t want to do it yet, don’t do it. First, if you don’t have the Song of Storms yet, go to Kakariko and talk to the guy in the windmill and show him your Ocarina. Now, head to Hyrule Castle and go into the Temple of Time’s Master Sword room. Sheik will be there and will teach you the Prelude of Light (very handy). Now walk up to the pedestal and push A to return the Master Sword and warp back to being young Link. Leave the Market. At this time, the man running around Hyrule Field will finally appear. Use him to complete Young Link’s Trading Sequence (See section 3) and get the Mask of Truth. Now go into Kakariko Village and enter the windmill. Play the Song of Storms for the music guy and the well will drain. Climb down the well and walk into the passageway ahead of you and you’re now in the Bottom of the Well level.

Gerudo Fortress

After the story sequence get out on the field and summon Epona with Epona’s Song. Ride to the West and enter the Gerudo Valley area. If you speed her up enough Epona can jump over the broken bridge in the beginning of this area. If you talk to the man there (he’s the boss of the carpenters, the guy you give the Poacher’s Saw to in Adult Link’s Trading Sequence in section 4), he will explain that his carpenters are in the fortress. Continue on to the fortress right ahead. Let one of the guards see you and you’ll be thrown in a cell. Now look up and notice the overhang of your window. Hookshot to it. Then fall down to ground level and go through the door right next to you. Follow the corridor and you’ll come to a cell. Talk to the guy in the cell (the first carpenter) and you’ll be attacked from behind by a Gerudo guard. I personally just Z-targeted and blocked her first attack and then wailed on her by holding forward and pushing B using Big Goron’s sword. Also shooting her with arrows works well. There’s probably plenty of good techniques for this fight. You have to watch out though because one of the attacks she has will knock you down and you’ll end up back in your cell. Once she’s gone she’ll drop a key so use it to free the first carpenter. Now continue on past the cell and go outside again. Turn left and go in the door. Turn right in at the corner of this hallway and you’ll see the head of a guard poking out over a box. Shoot it with an arrow.

Walk to where she was and turn to look down the next hall. From there shoot down the two guards in the next room. Go in the room (there’s a Big Faerie that can be summoned using Song of Storm near the stove) and go up the ramp on the far side to an exit. When you are outside again turn right and drop down and go through the door that’s there. Now just stand in the doorway with an arrow cocked and in a few seconds a guard will walk by, so shoot her. Now go right, left, right and you’ll be at the second carpenter’s cell. Talk to him, fight another guard, and free him.

Go back out where you came in and drop down one level. Turn left, climb up some vines, and go through the door that’s straight ahead of you (NOT the one to the left). This is the third carpenter’s room. Same process. Once he’s rescued, go back out the door you came in. Shoot the three guards that are wandering around outside and drop down to ground level. Turn left and go into the door furthest left, the one right before the Gerudo in white clothes (Don’t worry about her, she’s not a guard she just lets you into the Training Center later.) Follow this hall down to the fourth and final carpenter and go through the same process to free him. Now that he’s free a Gerudo will talk to you and since you are so skilled, you will get a membership card that lets you wander around the fortress all you want and participate in the activities it has to offer. Also, the bridge will now be fixed.

Explore the fortress and try the various games and what not. Don’t bother with the Training Ground because you can’t get through it without the Silver Gauntlet, which you can obtain in the Spirit Temple as Young Link.

Desert Colossus

Once you’re done having fun in Gerudo Fortress, head for the big gate. Climb up the ladder next to it and talk to the girl there to get it opened. Walk out into the desert. In front of you will be a river of sand. Put on your hover boots to cross it. Then, follow the flags. This is much easier to do during the day, so if it’s night use the Song of the Sun to make it day. After the first flag or two you’ll notice a little sign. If you follow the direction the sign is pointing you’ll end up on a flying carpet talking to a weird guy that sells Bombchu’s for 200 rupees (rip off!). Keep following the flags until you get to a stone structure. Walk up the side of it and read the plaque up there. Then activate your Lens of Truth to see a ghost. Follow him closely as he wanders seemingly aimlessly around the desert. You might have to fight off a couple of desert critters. Eventually you’ll end up at the Desert Colossus.

Turn right first off and look for two pine trees next to a wall with a crack on it. Blow open the crack to find the 5th Great Faerie and get Nayru’s Love. Also on the other side of this area is a sand pit with some palm trees around it and a small rock nearby. Make it night with the Song of the Sun and kill the gold skulltula on one of the palm trees first, then stand on the rock and play the Song of Storms to fill the sand pit with water and it will become a faerie pond. Fill your bottles with the faeries if you need to. Now walk in the front door of the Spirit Temple. Immediately walk back out. Sheik will appear and teach you the Requiem of Spirit. Play the Prelude of Light to warp to the Temple of Time, replace the Master Sword to turn into young Link, then play the new Requiem of Spirit to warp back to the Desert Colossus. Enter the Spirit Temple.

Spirit Temple Part 1, Young Link
Spirit Temple Part 2, Adult Link

Final Preparations

After the story sequence you’re back at the Desert Colossus. Use the Prelude of Light to go to the Temple of Time. Another, very informative story sequence follows in which you get the Light Arrows. Now, go around Hyrule and finish up all your unfinished business. Get all the remaining heart container pieces, complete the trading sequences, kill gold skulltulas you’ve missed, catch all the 10 Big Poes, catch a huge fish. Get everything you can out of this awesome game, because the next step is the final level, Gannon’s Castle. When you’re ready, make sure you have at least 1 blue potion (found in the weird potion shop behind the regular potion shop in Kakariko Village) and some faeries and head to Gannon’s Castle. Walk up the steps and a bridge will be formed for you.
Head into the castle.