Pieces of Heart

This page will list out for you the locations for all of the Pieces of Heart. It follows the same pattern as the Secret Seashells page, in that all you need to do is print out this listing. Then when you obtain one of the Pieces of Heart, simply check the box next to it. That way you will not get mixed up as to which ones you have gotten.
Anyway, have fun!

  1. [ ] In Mabe Village, jump down the well on the west side of town. You will find the piece in the room below.
  2. [ ] Fish in the Fishing Pond in Mabe Village. If you catch the big lunker in the hollow under the bank, it will have a Piece of Heart inside of it.
  3. [ ] Just east of the Mysterious Woods, you will find a circle of pits. Use the Roc’s Feather to jump them and pick up the piece in the center.
  4. [ ] Enter the cave in the Mysterious Woods. Three rooms into it, use the Power Bracelet to pick up the skulls and then grab the piece there.
  5. [ ] Go down the set of stairs just to the east of the Ghost’s Grave. As you travel through the cave below, you will come across a Piece of Heart. Either jump diagonally or use the Hook Shot in order to get it.
  6. [ ] From the entrance to Ukuku Prarie, head east. You will soon come across a bombable wall. Go into the cave and use the Pegasus Boots to ram the obstacles. On the east wall, where the wall jogs inward, plant a bomb. In the next room there is a Piece of Heart.
  7. [ ] In the Yarna Desert, defeat Lanmola. Once he is gone, drop down into the room below. Once there, plant a bomb against the top wall. In the room above you will find another Piece of Heart.
  8. [ ] Dive into the Kanhalet Castle moat and swim around. Once you get to the south-west side, across from the five pits, dive into the water. You will find a piece under the water.
  9. [ ] From the entrance to Level 4–Angler’s Tunnel, swim to the east and enter the cave there. Once inside, dive near the center and you will discover another Piece of Heart down there.
  10. [ ] Go to the bottom of Animal Village where you met the walrus and go north. Bomb the cave entrace you will find there. Inside, you will need to bomb an opening just north of the entrance. Go up and over and then toss a bomb over the wall to destroy the cracked block. Now head back around, Hook Shot over the opening and grab the Piece of Heart.
  11. [ ] On the way to Level 8–Turtle Rock, when you cross a rope bridge and then cut down a bush to go down some stairs, in the room below plant a bomb in the nitch on the bottom wall. Now you can go into the lower room and pick up that Piece of Heart you have seen for some time.
  12. [ ] In room 3C of Level 8–Turtle Rock, head outside. Then pick up the Piece of Heart plainly visible from where you exit the dungeon.

That is all the Pieces of Heart. Hope this will help you find those pieces that you just couldn’t locate.

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