Secret Seashells

This page gives a complete listing of the locations for all the Secret Seashells. They are not all here yet, the rest will be added as soon as I can get to them. In order to get the L2 sword, you will need to gather 20 Secret Seashells. In the game there are more than 20, so when you have gathered all 20 the rest will disappear. Any that are in chests will turn to rupees.

  1. [ ] One is under a bush in the field just north of the Trendy Game.
  2. [ ] Dig in the floor of the shed next to Madam MeowMeow’s House.
  3. [ ] In Tail Cave, plant a bomb on the cracked wall in room 4D. In the next room (4C) there is a Seashell inside the chest.
  4. [ ] Inside the chest in the center of the Mysterious Woods. You will need the Power Bracelet to get it.
  5. [ ] Inside the chest located in the cave underneath Richard’s Villa. Get it after returning with the Golden Leaves.
  6. [ ] Go to the Seashell Mansion. If you go there with 5 Seashells you will get number 6; if you go there with 10 Seashells you will get number 11.
  7. [ ] One screen to the east of the Seashell Mansion, under a bush.
  8. [ ] Dig in the center of the clumps of grass on the ledge over the entrance to Level 3–Key Cavern.
  9. [ ] Up on the ledge at the very south-east corner of the Yarna Desert, one is under a rock.
  10. [ ] From the Seashell Mansion, head south, west, south, and then south again. A Seashell is under the rock.
  11. [ ] Head west from the location of Seashell #10 and enter the cave. Go two rooms in and then plant a bomb on the left wall. Go through this hole and up the stairs. Once outside the cave go north and then dig around in front of the Owl Statue.
  12. [ ] Go to the Telephone Booth that is one screen to the south of the entrance to Ukuku Prarie. Ram the tree that is next to the Telephone Booth.
  13. [ ] Ram the tree that is one screen to the west of Tail Cave.
  14. [ ] At the entrance to Level 3–Key Cavern, go over to the lake and swim up. There is one under the bush on the island.
  15. [ ] From the ghost’s grave, go one screen to the south. Cut down the bush and then dig there to give you another one.
  16. [ ] Once you return the ghost to his grave, go back to the House By the Bay. Now there will be one under a pot in the house.
  17. [ ] From the House By the Bay, go two screens to the east. Swim around to the island and cut down the bush to reveal another one.
  18. [ ] At the location for Seashell #17, head one screen to the east and then one to the north. You will find one by cutting down the bush there.
  19. [ ] In Level 6–Face Shrine go up to room 1A. Use the stairs there and exit the dungeon. You will appear on a small island in the middle of the raft ride. There is one in the chest next to you.
  20. [ ] Go to the very south-west corner of the moat of Kanhalet Castle. Use the Flying Rooster to fly over the five pits and then head down the stairs to the room below. There is one in the chest you will find there.
  21. [ ] On the way to Level 7–Eagle’s Tower you pass through several caves. In the first one, plant a bomb next to the wall where the dry spot is. Go through this room and up the stairs. In the next room down, there are 5 chests all containing 20 rupees each. Exit outside and then head south again, and you will find another Seashell in the chest there.
  22. [ ] In Level 7–Eagle’s Tower, there is one on the ledge at the side of the room. Drop through the left most pit in room 9A. Head up on the ledge that you land on and you will soon come across a chest that contains a seashell.

Well that is all for now. This should be enough to help you find all you need. The locations for the remaining ones will be appearing soon.

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