Shadow Temple

If you haven’t already gotten it, go back to the Quest for Truth section and get the Lens of Truth. You need it for this level. Go down the hall and turn the corner, use the hookshot to get across the pit, and you’ll see a wall in front of you. Walk through it. Immediately turn left and follow the wall two face tiles down and walk through the wall again (use the Lens in any area to see where the walls can be walked through). Now go through the hall and door and go through another wall to come to a room that seems to have no exit (but we know better right?) As soon as you enter head right and follow the wall until you find an opening (use lens if you want). Go through the door behind it and then play the Song of the Sun to stun the zombie and kill it, then hunt down and kill the two bats. Get the chest that appears for the Dungeon Map.

Go back out and head right following the wall to an opening behind a walk-through wall with a pot on either side of it. Keep going down this tunnel and you’ll end up in a room that looks the same as the last one. The opening to go through next is in the corner on the right with a pot beside it. Go through the door there and you’ll face Dead Hand, which is the same guy that you killed to get the Lens of Truth in the bottom of the well. After this easy kill, a chest with the Hover Boots will appear. Snatch your prize then go all the way back through to the first big room that had the statue in the middle of it.

Use your Lens and look at the skulls on the pillars around the circle, and see which one does NOT disappear with the lens. Now walk up to the tab sticking out of the side of the base of the statue and push the statue until the tab you are pushing is pointing toward the skull that didn’t disappear. Don’t stop pushing until it gets there or you’ll fall in a pit. Now put on your hover boots and walk across the pit to the tongue-looking platform and go in the door and down the ramp. Kill the laser eye in the middle of the next room by throwing two bombs at it, then stand in the middle of the round platform it was on and play the Song of Storms for a Big Fairy (Big Faeries heal both life and magic but can NOT be captured into a bottle. Also note that all you have to do is leave the room and come back in and you can get it again.). Go through the wall on your right, kill the mummies (stun them with Song of Sun if need be) and get the chest containing the compass.

Exit back to the eye laser room and go straight through the wall on the other side. You’ll end up in a big room with two Deaths swinging giant scythes around the room (it’s not enemies, it’s just a giant statue). Avoiding the blades, grab all the silver rupees in the room. Note that one is on a platform that has a hookshot target on the wall above it, so use the hookshot to get to it. Now go through the alcove it opened and get the small key. Return to the eye laser room and use a bomb to blast open the remaining wall leading North. Go through the locked door. In this next passage watch for round small shadows on the ground. They are Skulltulas waiting to drop on you. Kill the three Skulltulas and drop down the ledge ahead and you’ll be facing some dropping blades. Dodge the first blade, kill the Skulltula, then go past the second and keep following the tunnel. Now you’ll be in a huge room. Take off the Hover boots if you’re using them, otherwise you might slide into a blade. Jump over the pit, dodge the blade and jump over the next pit, dodge the second blade and jump over the pit, and just before the third blade watch out for a flaming skull to try to get you. Kill it then dodge the final blade.

Now on this island you’ll have to kill a Stalfos. Once he’s dead, play the Song of Storms in the middle of the island for a Big Faerie. Put your Hover Boots on. Facing away from the last falling blade, turn left and use your lens to see an invisible platform. Hover on over it and the next platform, turn right, and hover on over to the door there. Go through and use your lens to see the big spinning scythes thing. Kill the Shield-eater and look on the walls to find 3 bats to kill. Kill them and the door will open. Go through it to kill a gold skulltula, open a chest for some rupees, and open the invisible chest using the lens for some arrows. (Yes, that was just for two stupid treasures and a gold skulltula but I didn’t want people complaining that I’d missed some treasures). Now head back out and hover back to where the Stalfos was. You can use the Song of Storms for another Big Faerie now if you want.

Wait until the platform in front of you falls and hover forward as far as you can go to land on it (it’s farther than it looks). Then wait for it’s highest point (you’ll have to time it) and hover over to the next big island. Collect all the silver rupees here (there’s on inside that eye laser thing so kill it) and go through the door that opens. Follow this passage to a room with falling spikes. Use your lens and look at the right hand wall to see a movable block. Pull it out onto the face tile and then push it in front of you and it will keep the spikes from hitting you. Once it’s on the second face tile walk around and start pulling it until it’s on the third face tile. The treasure box in the cage to the right has arrows. Climb up on to your block now and hover/hop to the ledge on your left. Now wait until the spiked platform lowers and walk over it to get to the platform on the other side of the room. The treasure box has rupees, but more importantly the yellow switch makes a new treasure box appear on the other side of the room. Hover there using the spike platform as before and get the small key. Leave this room back to the big room.

Now look at the left hand corner of the platform you are on (the one furthest corner from you) and you’ll see a small rock ramp. Use it to get to a platform with a falling blade. Use your lens to see the ledges behind the blade, then dodge and hover to the platforms and finally to the locked door on the wall. In this room use your lens to see the invisible spikes on the floor. Kill the two zombies and a rupee chest will appear. Now to get all the silver coins here, hookshot to the hookshot targets on the wall. To get the last one, use your lens to see an invisible hookshot target above an invisible platform. Hookshot up and hover walk off the platform to get it. Once you have them all a door will open, go through it. In this room kill all the bats to reopen the blocked door that shut behind you. Climb up the steps and pick a bomb plant then toss it into the hole in the top of the giant skull to blow it up and get the small key it drops. Go back into the last room. Use your lens and look on the ceiling above the raised platform for an invisible hookshot target. Use it to get on the platform and go through the locked door.

Now I know this sounds weird but, put on your Iron Boots. This will keep the fans in the tunnel ahead from blowing you away. Make your way through the tunnel until you come to a pit. Watch the fan on the other side of the pit and as soon as it stops blowing, equip the hover boots, walk across, and then reequip the iron boots. Drop down off the ledge and walk across the bridge to the door. You can kill the eye above the door that’s shooting fire at you by hitting it with an arrow while the eye is open. In this small room kill the two zombies to reopen the door, play the Song of the Sun (not storms) in the middle of the room for a Big Faerie, open the invisible chest for some arrows, use Z-targeting and Navi on the face for a hint, then leave. Use your lens to see a hole in the right wall, then stand even with it. Look at the fan behind you and when it stops, turn around and equip the hover boots. Stand on the side of the bridge closest to the fan. Watch closely and when you start moving from the fan run across to the opening in the wall. The fan helps blow you across. Go through the door.

As soon as you walk in this room, look to your right and there’s a pile of dirt there. Blow it up with a bomb, then use your Lens to see the invisible chest containing a key. Kill the two mummies for another rupee chest and go through the locked door. Once you’re through this door turn left and go to the movable block. Pull it onto the path of green bricks and then pull/push it onto the face tile under the ladder on the opposite side. Climb up onto it and go up the ladder. Hop over onto the ship, stand on the Triforce symbol, and play Zelda’s Lullaby.

As the ship moves you’ll have to fight two Stalfos. When the ship completes it’s journey, whether or not you’re done with the Stalfos, it will start sinking. Jump off to the left (if you’re facing the front of the ship) onto the platform there before it sinks. Go through the door that’s on the platform. This next room has 4 doors at North, South, East and West (you came in the East door) and is a small maze of invisible walls. It’s inhabited with those hand things like from the Forest Temple.

Use your lens to navigate it. The West room contains three giant rotating skull heads that give you some rupees and a gold skulltula. The South room contains an invisible hand monster (use Lens of course) and a chest that appears once it’s dead containing a small key. The North room contains two spiked walls that close in on you to kill you. Use Din’s Fire to burn down the walls and recover the Boss Key and some rupees. Once you get the Boss Key and small key, return to the room where the ship dropped you off (through the East door).

As soon as you’re back in this room, look up and to your right to see a high platform. If you have the Scarecrow’s Song you can play it to get Pierre to appear up there and then Longshot to him to get across. If not, go to the other end of the platform and look over to a large statue and some bomb plants. Shoot one of the bomb plants with an arrow to blow them up and make the statue fall over the gap creating a bridge. Once you’re over go through the locked door. Use the Lens and Hover Boots to walk over the gaps and invisible platforms and go through the Boss Door. Make sure you’re still wearing the Hover Boots and fall down the hole in the middle of the room to face...

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